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Katherine Kingdon


The domestic scale and gentle, enigmatic humour of Katherine’s ceramics both delight and intrigue. Each piece is beautifully crafted, with a deep understanding of figurative imagery.

Allow yourself to be drawn in, it’s worth the time. The more you look, the more you begin to question, and that’s where the fun begins.

 ‘My aim is for a lightness of touch. To suggest character and story but leave the viewer enough space to interpret for themselves’.


Based in Newbury, Katherine’s inspiration comes from a firm grounding in ceramics and teaching, drawing and painting, making and mending and poking about in museums. This all feeds into her work. She has a Ceramics degree from Leicester Polytechnic, An Applied Art and Visual Culture MA from London Guildhall University and a PGCE from Westminster College.

Whether it’s vessels or figures, Katherine’s work is about character and storytelling. She hand-builds using an off-white stoneware and has a looseness of style that exposes the nature of the materials and techniques used.

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